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Hotline 2 is an exciting online slot game by NetEnt, featuring 5 reels and an impressive 243 ways to win. The game can be enjoyed on all devices and draws inspiration from the popular Miami Vice series. Serving as a sequel to the well-loved Hotline slot, Hotline 2 retains the original’s captivating look, invoking a strong sense of nostalgia.

The slot’s theme revolves around a daring jewelry store heist in Miami, with detectives Quinn and Riviera on the case. The symbols on the reels showcase exquisite jewelry pieces, such as necklaces, rings, and precious gemstones. Joining them are symbols of a microphone-wielding man and the detectives themselves. The most valuable symbol is Kitty Weiss, depicted stylishly with sunglasses and a champagne glass.

The Wild symbol, represented by a traffic sign labeled “Wild,” appears on reels two, three, and four. It serves as a versatile substitute for all symbols except the Scatter, which is creatively portrayed as a pink flamingo, perfectly capturing the essence of Miami Vice. Players can also enjoy the convenience of the autoplay feature, allowing them to choose between 10 and 1,000 spins with ease.

Hotline 2 Slot game

Graphics & Audio

Besides offering plenty of winning opportunities, another exceptional feature of the online slot Hotline 2 is its stunning graphics. NetEnt has put tremendous effort into creating this slot, and it truly shows. The backdrop of the game showcases a twilight scene in Miami, while all symbols, whether they represent jewelry or characters, are depicted with clarity and precision, capturing the essence of the 80s and staying true to the Miami Vice series, which served as the primary inspiration for the slot.

The colors are beautifully rendered, and although drawing inspiration from the 1980s, they are not overly vibrant or straining on the eyes. The overall ambiance is delightfully pleasant. The slot’s visual appeal remains uncompromised even when playing on smaller smartphone screens, as the graphics are optimally adapted for all devices. Equally impressive is the audio, which greatly enhances the gaming experience. The background music, a constant companion throughout the game, perfectly encapsulates the sounds of the 80s and complements the spinning of the reels. Every win is celebrated with a short melody that remains consistent, regardless of the win’s size. Additionally, a special sound effect accompanies the appearance of the Wild symbol, symbolizing the powerful engine of a car.

Hotline 2 Bonus Features

Wild Expansion Bonus

This online slot by NetEnt offers three exciting bonus options. One of them is triggered when a Wild symbol lands on a specific position. The Wild expands and grants the player Wild reels. However, the most significant bonus comes from the free spins feature, especially when Wild symbols land on the Hotline. This triggers Wild reels and additional symbols on the Hotline, providing players with a whopping 1,944 ways to win and a chance to earn even more free spins.

Hotline Feature

The Hotline feature is a central aspect of this slot. During regular gameplay, the third reel is designated as the Hotline. Players can convert additional columns into the Hotline by placing a double or triple bet. A double bet activates columns three and four as the Hotline, doubling the player’s wager, while a triple bet activates columns two, three, and four, tripling the wager.

The Hotline feature becomes particularly significant when it comes to Wild symbols. If a Wild symbol appears in any of the three middle columns, it functions as a regular substitute. However, when a Wild symbol lands in the Hotline, it expands to create a full Wild reel. This is known as the Expanding Wild option, and players could potentially get up to three Wild reels per spin.

Free Spins Option

The Free Spins option is activated by obtaining three neon flamingo skater symbols on the Hotline during the base game. Players are rewarded with seven free spins, but the Wild symbols are the real stars of this bonus. Whenever a Wild lands on the Hotline during free spins, it increases the height of the column by one symbol, creating more winning possibilities. The Wild expands fully to grant players a complete Wild reel. The maximum height of the Hotline is six symbols, providing an impressive 1,944 ways to win. When the Hotline reaches its maximum height, players receive an additional two free spins, bringing the total possible free spins to thirteen.


In conclusion, Hotline 2 by NetEnt has solidified itself as an outstanding online slot game. Surpassing its predecessor, this title offers even more thrilling gameplay with its enhanced ways to win during the free spins feature.

The game’s top-notch graphics and captivating sound design add an extra layer of quality to the overall experience. Furthermore, the engaging storyline that unfolds throughout the gameplay keeps players hooked and entertained. With its five-reel setup, Hotline 2 can be confidently regarded as an almost flawless online slot game.

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