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Enhance your gaming experience with the exhilarating world of heist action thrillers and captivating missions in the highly recommended slot game, Blue Heart, developed by EGT (Amusnet Interactive). Immerse yourself in this immersive 5-reel, 100-payline video slot as it transports you to the heart of the city, beckoning you to participate in a daring and rewarding endeavor. Witness the gripping tale of two audacious thieves as they break into a prestigious store, aiming to pilfer the legendary ‘blue heart’. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join their adrenaline-fueled adventure, diligently following their lead while spinning the reels in pursuit of generous prizes.

Blue Heart offers a classic online slot experience crafted by EGT, featuring a familiar yet captivating array of features, along with a few delightful extras. Prepare yourself for wilds, stacked wilds, and scatters, each possessing the potential to unlock up to an astounding 10 Blue Heart free spins. Additionally, brace yourself for the exhilaration of a four-level mystery jackpot, wherein you engage with the traditional suits of playing cards. And if these thrilling features weren’t enough, Blue Heart grants you the opportunity to multiply your wins through a thrilling gamble feature, potentially doubling your prizes.

An epic adventure awaits you within the reels of Blue Heart, poised to deliver an electrifying experience. However, before embarking on this escapade, we invite you to experience the magic firsthand by playing the free demo right here at GoodLuckMate. Discover the intrigue, embrace the thrill, and unleash your inner daredevil in the enthralling world of Blue Heart.

Blue Heart

Blue Heart Symbols

Immerse yourself in a world of elegance and intrigue with the captivating symbols found on the reels of Blue Heart slot by EGT. Experience the opulence of high society as the reels showcase images of distinguished gentlemen and sophisticated ladies, dazzling diamonds, and the classic playing card values. But that’s not all; this game features two special symbols that add an extra layer of excitement:

Blue Heart Symbol – Represented by the majestic blue heart, this symbol holds immense power. It acts as a wild symbol and appears stacked on every reel. Not only can it create winning combinations on its own, but it also has the ability to substitute for all other symbols except the Scatters, helping you secure even more rewarding outcomes.

Scatter Symbol – Keep an eye out for the Scatter symbol, which takes the form of a window adorned with precious gemstones. Unlike other symbols, the Scatter doesn’t rely on active paylines to reward you. Instead, landing three Scatters on the central reels triggers a special feature. You’ll receive a payoff equal to twice your bet, and the casino will cover the stake for you, putting you in an advantageous position. This will also unlock a new symbol on your screen, offering further benefits to the player. It’s worth noting that landing additional Scatters during this feature can extend the duration of your free spins, allowing for even more thrilling gameplay.

Prepare yourself for a gaming experience that combines sophistication and excitement as you explore the world of Blue Heart. Let the stacked Blue Heart symbols and rewarding Scatters guide you on a journey of potential fortune and adventure.

Blue Heart Bonus Features

Free Spins

Uncover the ultimate heist treasure with the Blue Heart bonus feature in this captivating slot game. To unlock this thrilling round, keep an eye out for the jewelry store scatter symbol. Landing three scatters on reels two, three, and four will transport you into the Blue Heart bonus round, where you’ll be awarded a generous 10 free spins. What makes this even more exciting is that these bonus spins are played using the same wager that triggered the bonus round. But the excitement doesn’t end there! If you manage to land another set of scatters during the free spins, the game will reward you with an additional batch of free spins, adding to your current balance. It’s important to note that the Blue Heart bonus round takes place on a different set of reels, adding a fresh and exhilarating twist to your gameplay.

Jackpot Cards Mystery Jackpot

Prepare for an unexpected twist in your pursuit of riches with the Jackpot Cards feature. This thrilling four-level mystery jackpot game can be randomly triggered at the end of any winning spin. Each level corresponds to a card suit, beginning with the clover for level one and ascending to the spade for level four. Once activated, you’ll be presented with a selection of 12 face-down cards. Your goal is to match three cards of the same suit. The amount you win is determined by the accumulation at the time the final matching symbol is revealed, which is displayed on the right side of each card suit. Brace yourself for the adrenaline rush as you dive into the Jackpot Cards feature, where untold riches await those who dare to take the risk.

Gamble Option

For the bold risk-takers seeking an extra thrill, Blue Heart offers a gamble option to amplify your winnings. After a successful spin, you’ll have the opportunity to test your luck and intuition. Simply select the color of the next card to be revealed and if you make the correct prediction, your winnings will be doubled. However, be cautious, as an incorrect guess will result in losing your winnings from that spin. It’s a high-stakes gamble that puts your decision-making skills to the test and adds an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay. Will you seize the opportunity to double your prize, or will caution prevail?


In conclusion, Blue Heart is a highly recommended slot game that combines the excitement of heist action thrillers with captivating gameplay and rewarding features. Developed by EGT, this 5-reel, 100-payline slot transports players into a world of adventure and intrigue as they join two daring thieves on a risky mission to steal the legendary ‘blue heart’.

The game offers a visually stunning experience, with symbols depicting elegant gentlemen, sophisticated ladies, dazzling diamonds, and classic playing card values. The stacked Blue Heart symbol serves as a wild, creating winning combinations and replacing other symbols except for the Scatters.

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